Water jet cutting machine

Water jet cutting

TORG Engineering uses a high pressure water jet to cut almost any material from hard to cut metals to natural stone and soft materials like wood and foam.

An overview of our Hydra Jet Accura 610 Water Jet Machine:

  1. X - Axis 10 ft
  2. Y – Axis  6ft
  3. Z – Axis 8”
  4. 60,000psi operating pressure
  5. 60-200 grit abrasive garnet
  6. CNC control of cutting head
  7. minimum corner cut radius is .013"
  8. minimum kerf is .030"
  9. speed of cut is determined by material type, thickness and required edge finish

Advantages of water jet cutting

  1. No heat affected zone adjacent to the cut.
  2. minimum material waste
  3. Little or no after cut clean up
  4. CAD DXF-files preferred, other file types easily converted
  5. Cost-effective when compared to plasma and laser cutting

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TORG Engineering Water Jet Cutting Services