Brake Parts

Brake Parts

Brake 1

Custom brake disc carrier to mount a 295mm EBC disc to a YZ 450F front hub. We designed and cut the carrier.

Brake 2

Motorcycle front disc brake carrier detail.

Brake 3

This is what it looks like all together: 295mm disc, YZ450f hub with17 x 3” rim. Ready to ride.

Brake 5

Foreground is the actual assembled parts, towards the rear is the plastic trial piece also cut with the water jet.

Brembo rear brake caliper mount.

Torg designed and cut this aluminum caliper mount for a special motorcycle application of a Brembo caliper on a Japanese motorcycle. Caliper mount hangs from the rear axle of the motorcycle and permit’s the caliper to float rather than be solid mounted. The caliper is always self-aligning with this type of mount.

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