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TORG Engineering History

TORG Engineering was started by Roland Noell and Randy Illg in April of 2016. The idea for this venture began several years earlier when Roland and Randy began discussing how Framecrafters, (FC, www.framecrafters.net) a business owned and operated by Randy and his son Karsten, could be augmented by the addition of technology and equipment.

In the fall of 2015 it was generally agreed that Roland would help finance the upgrade to CAD technology and Randy would provide the physical plant and day to day oversight.

The task facing them was to investigate what type of equipment and machinery would provide immediate support for FC as well as having the potential to bring in business from outside the normal sphere of motorcycle fabrication that FC operated in.

After several months, it became apparent that the learning curve required for 3D CAD/CAM machine operation would be too steep to undertake with personnel and resources available. After more research, it was decided that 2D profiling with a water jet cutting machine may offer the most reasonable path to helping FC and providing a return on investment.

In January of 2016 a 2007 AccuraHydrojet(table 6 x 10’) was located, inspected and an offer made. The sale was finalized in February. The machine was delivered in early April and installation, testing and training completed by mid-May.

A separate company was established in May 0f 2016 to operate and manage the water jet. The name TORG Engineering reflects the two principal individuals, Roland and Randy.

Roland is and was Engine development Senior Engineer and Manager with a European based automotive manufacturer and through that company has many years of engineering and problem solving experience. Roland is a World Record Holder (22 FIA International Records), he also was involved with Formula One engine development and brings that unique engineering perspective to TORG Engineering. Randy retired from college teaching in 2002 having incorporated Framecrafters in 1999. Both are retired motorcycle racers and it was the love of this sport that introduced them to each other. So, what does TORG stand for? Since Roland hopes to retire in few years and Randy already was retired they would then be two old retired guys.

The machine has proven to be very good at cutting steel, aluminum and brass parts for FC as well as taking on various jobs from other fabrication based businesses.

In March of 2017 the cutting head was upgraded to a pre-aligned diamond orifice with carbide focusing tube. These KMT parts reduced cut taper to a minimum, reduced kerf and improved speed of cut. Additional work was also done to the cutting head alignment management system which greatly improved accuracy of cut.

It is our desire to provide a good service at a reasonable cost to our customers. We are able to provide water jet cutting service as well as after cut secondary operations including machining and welding. CAD and engineering services are also available to help with producing the best parts for our customers.

TORG Engineering Water Jet Cutting Services