TORG Engineering Water Jet Cutting Services

TORG EngineeringWater Jet Cutting Services

TORG Engineering was started by Roland Noell and Randy Illg in April of 2016. The idea for this venture began several years earlier when Roland and Randy began discussing how Framecrafters, a business owned and operated by Randy and his son Karsten, could be augmented by the addition of technology and equipment.

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Our accuracy values, which are 0.003 – 0.005” depending on cutting speed.


Our Job will get done immediately and reliable for your satisfaction


We are strong focused to customer satisfaction in all cases. Time delivery, accuracy, countability and moneyworth

Our Services

We’ll cut a variety of materials, list below.

Water jet cutting

TORG Engineering ’sprecisely engineered water jet cutting machine serves project applications on high-level standards. The critical key components of the machine like the nozzle, the high-pressure pump, and the control software are optimized and adjusted to get accurate and high precise results.
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CNC metal cutting

TORG ENGINEERINGuses a high-pressure abrasive water jet machine to cut flat stock in two dimensions commonly called 2-D profiling.Send an email to or call +1 (815) 923-4537 for an immediate quote.
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Aluminum cutting

At TORG ENGINEERING we use a high-pressure abrasive water jet (AWJ) to cut all alloys of aluminum from very thin foils to 6 inches thick. The AWJ process use a very focus stream or water at 55,000psi to which garnet is introduced. The water provides the force and the garnet erodes the aluminum.
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TORG Engineering Water Jet Cutting Services

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TORG Engineering Water Jet Cutting Services